Crafting a Product

Leading through innovative product or service design requires a robust development process, clear understanding of the customer’s priorities, and a determination to differentiate from the competition.

Case Study:

In 2007, Brandrud set to break new ground in patient room seating by addressing patient comfort and circulation issues and caregiver injuries. Centé, a new seating product, provided an easy mechanical lever for caregivers to reposition the patient’s body weight 3o over their forward center of gravity, thereby reducing patient lifting by 30% and preventing caregiver injuries. Also, we introduced elastomeric suspension materials in the seat and back to alleviate pressure and allow for greater blood flow to the affected areas. In the back position, Centé provided a 12o ??? 15o recline, a more optimal posture for healing. Centé won several industry awards and was recognized for its innovative solution to a common and prevalent problem in the healthcare industry.

Centé was designed by David Ritch and Mark Saffel of 5D Studio and the project was led by David Simon and Gary Cruce from Brandrud. Read more about the development of Centé in this Metropolis article.