Falck Holt is searching for owners & entrepreneurs who want to sell their company and transition from day-to-day management activities. Falck Holt provides day-to-day management and additional resources through a network of capital providers to assist owners & entrepreneurs through the sale of their company.

Our approach begins with a clear strategy building a team, targeting the customer, crafting a product, and constructing a sales and distribution approach. This further differentiates your company from others, builds upon the strong foundation and legacy you created, provides you with options for additional wealth creation, and successfully transitions your company and employees.

Case Study:

In 2000, Falck Holt acquired Seattle, WA based Brandrud Furniture. Brandrud was founded in 1955, and had a long, rich history of providing high quality furniture products for commercial customers. After acquiring Brandrud, Falck Holt invested heavily in people development, new products, new distribution channels, and operational efficiencies and ultimately grew it 400% prior to the sale to Herman Miller in 2008.