Targeting the Customer

Business is about relationships, and no relationship is more important than the one with the customer. With a management transition after the sale of your company, understanding the history and what your company does better than any of your competitors builds success quickly and gets your employees believing in the next chapter. Understanding all the layers of influencers (e.g. sales people, distributors, trade associations, professional services, etc.) that touch your customer, and what level of importance and resources to allocate is also critical to building upon your strong relationships.

Case Study:

At Brandrud, we focused on clearly defining our customer and clearly understanding the many different influencers in the decision making process. Once we developed this foundation we were better able to define the roles between Brandrudís support staff and our sales team, to simplify the message to our customer, and therefore werenít distracted by the short-term opportunities that werenít aligned with our competencies and customers needs.